Advanced Digital Marketing & E-commerce Course in Hyderabad

Graduate Digital provides a unique opportunity to expertise at each level with the use of premium tools giving them a superior advantage over their competitors

Digital marketing is the latest trending marketing techniques on the internet, digital marketing and e-commerce combined increasing nowadays. Most of the startups and entrepreneurs are using the digital concept in their business. People are less trained in this technology-based marketing, so it’s a good opportunity for job seekers to get the job easily, to start own digital marketing agency or work as a freelancer. Companies like Google, Accenture and other companies are hiring twice in a month.

Advanced Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certification Course – 35+ Modules

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • What is marketing?
  • Understanding Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.
  • Benefits & Trends of Digital Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Process.
    • Traffic, Visibility, Lead generation, Sales, Retention
  • Introduction to Electronic Commerce.
  • Impacts & forces driving to Electronic Commerce.
  • Growth of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce.
  • Understanding traffic and different types of traffic

Website Creation-Blogger & WordPress

  • What is Google blogger & benefit
  • What is WordPress & benefit
  • Understanding difference between blogger & WordPress
  • Selection of platform
  • Understanding requirement for blogger & WordPress
  • Guide on Selection
  • Websites Types
  • Idea Generation & Planning for a website
  • Static vs dynamic websites
  • CMS Websites
  • What are web server and web hosting
  • Domain name selection
  • Premium Domains
  • Creating website using WordPress
  • WordPress Installation
  • Theme Selection
  • Theme & Plugin Installation Guide.
  • Creating website using Google Blogger
  • Introduction to Blogger
  • Creating blog in Blogger
  • Customization in Blogger
  • Content Management
  • Successful Blogging Tips

Session On HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • What is HTML, CSS, javascript & PHP
  • Understanding basic HTML structure
  • Understanding tags – Up to Usage Only
  • Practice on tags

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Introduction to Search Engine

How Google Search Engine Works

Google search algorithm

Keywords & Types of Keywords

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

On Page Optimisation Using Tools

On Page SEO Using Tool – Moz, Semrush, Ahref and much more (Premium)

Introduction to Off Page Optimization

Link Building Types & Practices

Understanding Google PA DA and how to Increase

Local SEO & how to target local customer

Google Business & Local Listing

Improving Local Rank

eCommerce  SEO & Drive traffic

On Page eCommerce SEO

Off Page eCommerce SEO


WordPress SEO

Shopify SEO

Magento SEO

Dealing with Google Penalty 

Removing Spam Score

Social Media Optimization & Marketing

  • What is Social Media?
  • Importance of Social Media
  • SMM Vs SMO
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media success stories
  • Case Study on Some Social media Sucess/Failure

Facebook Marketing:

  • Understanding Profile & Page
  • Profile & Page Optimization
  • Learn how Facebook post works
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Marketing strategy
  • Understanding Facebook insights
  • Increasing Likes, User engagement
  • Viral marketing & techniques

Linkedin Marketing:

  • Creating a strong profile on LinkedIn
  • Skills and Endorsements
  • Creating new connections
  • Lead generation through LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn used by businesses
  • LinkedIn premium features
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Recommendations in LinkedIn
  • Posting content in profile
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Finding Jobs in Linkedin
  • Creating company page
  • Customization of page
  • Posting in LinkedIn Page
  • Linkedin Lead Generation Strategy
  • Case study on Linkedin lead generation

Twitter Marketing:

  • Understanding Twitter as a Social media tool
  • What to tweet?
  • When to tweet?
  • Building followers
  • Retweeting on Twitter
  • Twitter promotions with Hashtags and trends
  • Twitter tools for marketers
  • Types of Tweets and Statistics
  • Content strategy for Twitter
  • Post your First Tweet
  • Analysis of Big Brands
  • Twitter Contests
  • Tools for Twitter marketing
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Types of Campaigns
  • Audience Targeting
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Reporting
  • Twitter strategy building & customer management
  • Case study on Twitter as a Tool for CRM

Google Plus Marketing:

  • How Google+ will help your business
  • Difference between Google+ and other social networks
  • Google+ profiles vs business pages
  • Create a Google+ page
  • Hangouts on Google+
  • Increasing the Reach and Followers
  • Linking Google+ with Site
  • Google+ Badge Integration
  • Making Google+ as a part of your social media strategy Video Marketing

Pinterest Marketing:

  • What is Pinterest?
  • How brands use Pinterest
  • Creating a Pinterest Account
  • Customizing the Profile
  • Pinterest Strategy
  • Boards in Pinterest
  • Pins and Links
  • Generating Engagements
  • Using Info Graphics
  • Integrating Pinterest in Site
  • Engagement Metrics for Pins
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Pinterest & Branding For E-commerce
  • Case study on Pinterest

Video Marketing:

  • Why should you care about Video Marketing?
  • Types of Video content
  • Tools for creating videos
  • Benefits of video marketing
  • Uploading videos on video marketing websites
  • Developing youtube marketing strategy
  • Creating a video campaign Social Media Marketing Strategy

Instagram Marketing: 

  • What is InstaGram
  • InstaGram statistics
  • How Brands use InstaGram
  • Creating InstaGram Account
  • Tour of Instagram App
  • Content strategy and Tips
  • Picture Dimensions
  • Filters in Instagram
  • Using Hashtags
  • Popular Brands on Instagram
  • Advertising options in Instagram
  • Instagram & E-commerce lead generation
  • Case study on Instagram

Pinterest Marketing:

  • What is Pinterest?
  • How brands use Pinterest
  • Creating a Pinterest Account
  • Customizing the Profile
  • Pinterest Strategy
  • Boards in Pinterest
  • Pins and Links
  • Generating Engagements
  • Using Info Graphics
  • Integrating Pinterest in Site
  • Engagement Metrics for Pins
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Pinterest & Branding For E-commerce
  • Case study on Pinterest

Social Media Marketing Strategy:

  • How to create a Social Media marketing strategy
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Identify the right social channels to reach out
  • Making a Social Media content calendar
  • Make a Social media tactical plan
  • Understanding Social Media Metrics
  • Discussion on top brands social media strategy
  • Usage of tools and techniques

Email Marketing & Automation

  • What is Email Marketing?
  • How does Email Marketing work?
  • Challenges of Email marketing
  • Types of Email Marketing
  • Email list management
  • Best platforms to do opt-in email marketing
  • What are auto responders?
  • Auto responders to grow your business
  • What is bulk emailing and how to do it?
  • Understand challenges of bulk emailing
  • How to stop emails going into junk?
  • Understand Email Analytics
  • Introduction to Mail Chimp
  • Mail Chimp pricing structure
  • Account setup and settings
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Creating a Subscriber List
  • Integration of Forms in Site
  • Import subscribers in list
  • Types of Email marketing campaigns
  • Creating an Email Campaign
  • Marketing Automation using tools
  • Understanding customer & scheduling automation
  • Lead generation using email automation

Hacks - Increasing Site Rank

Link Building

Increasing DA & PA

Facebook Ads:

  • Understand how Facebook ad works
  • Types of Promotions
  • Audience Targeting
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Ad Formats
  • Ad Dimensions and Rules
  • Remarketing Strategy
  • Conversion Tracking

Inbound & Outbound Marketing

  • What is Inbound Marketing?
  • Why Inbound Marketing works?
  • How Inbound Marketing Works?
  • Methodology of Inbound Marketing
  • Inbound channel
  • Learn how to attract potential customers and how to convert them
  • Converting prospects to leads using emails
  • Converting traffic to leads by website optimization and landing page optimization

Black Hat Techniques & Precaution

  • Hidden Content
  • Clocking
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Doorway pages
  • Sneaky Redirects
  • Fake Traffic
  • Blackhat SEO Tools
  • Blackhat Social Media Tools

Web & Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • How Google Analytics works?
  • How to set up Google Analytics?
  • Understanding goals and conversions
  • Understand the structure of Google Analytics
  • Account
  • Properties
  • Views
  • Filters
  • User Management
  • Understanding Google Analytics reports
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behaviour
  • Conversion
  • Understanding bounce and bounce rate?
  • Reducing bounce rate
  • Learn to integrate AdWords and Analytics account
  • Real time Reports
  • Measuring performance of marketing campaigns with Google Analytics
  • Strategy building by analytics report
  • Case study on analytics reporting & planning

Google Adsense & Online Earning

  • What is AdSense & Benefits
  • Setting up website for AdSense
  • Getting approval for your AdSense Account
  • Adding Google Ads to your website
  • How to increase CPC in Adsense
  • Other Advertisers to earn money – Media, Infolink, etc.
  • Understanding propellor ads

Affiliate Marketing

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to be a Super Affiliate?
  • How to Sell through Affiliates?
  • Branding through Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate management agencies
  • Traffic From Affiliate Network
  • Affiliate Tracking

PPC & Google Adwords

  • Introduction to PPC
  • Learn what is Inorganic search results?
  • Overview of Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo Search marketing
  • Introduction to AdWords
  • Account Management
  • Campaign and Ad group Management

Google Search Ads

  • Understanding keyword targeting
  • Using different match types in keywords
  • Understanding terms like Ad rank, Quality Score, bid, CPC, CPM, CPA etc
  • How to write compelling ads
  • AdWords Tools
  • Budgets and bidding
  • Measurement and optimization
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Remarketing
  • Product listing Ads
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Display campaigns
  • Track and measure view through conversions
  • Understanding Search Ad Campaign
  • Keywords CPC

Google Display Ads

  • Understanding today Digital Consumer and why Display?
  • Using Google Display Ad Builder
  • Ad Formats in Display Advertising
  • Targeting in Display Advertising
  • Remarketing in Display Advertising
  • Bidding in Display Advertising
  • Measuring the Performance of your Display Campaigns

Google Shopping Ads:

  • What is Shopping Advertising/Product Listing Ads?
  • How does Google Product Listing Ads work?
  • Understanding Google Merchant Center
  • Creating your Google Merchant Center account
  • Learn to create your product feed
  • Creating Shopping Campaigns on Google AdWords

Google Video Ads:

  • Understanding video Advertising
  • How to advertise on YouTube
  • Understanding video Ad formats
  • Creating Video Campaigns
  • Measuring performance and optimizing your video campaigns
  • Understanding mobile marketing
  • Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile marketing tools
  • Advertising on mobile
  • How to mobilize your web presence
  • Mobile and Social Media
  • How to leverage social media via mobile
  • Mobile Search Ads
  • Mobile Call Only Campaigns
  • Mobile Apps Install Campaign
  • Mobile Apps Engagement Campaign
  • Promoting Site in Mobile Apps
  • Targeting Options in Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Ad Formats
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Reporting in Mobile Ads

Online Reputation Management

  • About ORM.
  • Understand customer presence
  • Engaging customers
  • Tools used in ORM
  • Dealing with negative review

Lead Generation

  • Understanding lead generation
  • Importance of lead generation
  • Understanding landing pages
  • Understanding thank-you page
  • Landing page vs website
  • Best practices to create a landing page
  • Best practices to create a thank-you page
  • Practical exercise-creating a landing page
  • Types of landing pages
  • Reviewing landing pages created by trainees
  • What is A/B testing?
  • How to do A/B testing
  • Selecting landing pages after A/B testing
  • Converting leads into sales
  • Creating lead nurturing strategy
  • Understanding lead funnel
  • Case study & discussion on lead generation strategies

Ecommerce Development & Marketing

  • Marketing the E-Commerce company using digital media
  • Customer Targeting and Proposition
  • Strategies to guide online shoppers to an ECommerce website and persuading them to buy
  • Gateways, Merchant Accounts & Logistics for physical goods. Integrating
  • Woocommerce and setting up an e-commerce store on WordPress

Marketing Automaion

  • Understanding Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Automation
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Digital Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Automation
  • Email Automation
  • Synchronizing Automation

Integrated Marketing Strategy

  • Selecting appropriate digital tools to create an Integrated Digital Marketing plan.
  • Creating an Integrated digital marketing strategy

Competitor & Market Analysis

  • Understanding the market
  • Understanding competition
  • Competitor analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Planning SEO, SMM, EMail & Ads Strategy
  • Discussion on Top Brand Strategies

Strategy Development For Business

  1. Strategy Development For Product Based Company
  2. Strategy Development For Service Based Company
  3. Strategy Development For Food Based Company
  4. Strategy Development For E-commerce Based Company
  5. Strategy Development For Food Based Company

Case Study & Discussion

Freelancing & Digital Entrepreneurship

How to start getting project

How to become freelancer

How to become consultant

How to start own digital marketing company

Certification After Training:


  • 5 Google Adwords
  • 1 Google Analytics
  • 1 Google Mobile Sites
  • 1 Facebook Ad
  • 1 Hubspot
  • 1 Training Completion Certificate from GraduateDigital
  • 1 Internship Certificate from Amison Group

After completion of our training, you are enough capable to appear in above certification course and our team will help you to clear your certification.


After completion of each module, you have to appear in our online/offline test.

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Read our proud digital marketers review about our digital marketing training course

Currently working with xpedient as a digital marketing executive. Thanks graduate digital team for training and helping me for placement preparation. Amit sir teaching method is good and guide you for everything that is needed to become expert in digital marketing.

_P. Poorvi,

P.-Poorvi – Graduate Digital Student Review
To grow in your career you need continuous learning, joined Graduate Digital inside sales training program to learn new skills. Good training module planned if you are looking for inside sales with experienced faculty. Learnt lot of new concepts and tools that I can use to achieve my sales target now.

_N. Bhageeratha,

N.Bhageeratha- Graduate Digital Student Review
Getting job in good companies required a good corporate skills, thanks to Rakesh sir and Graduate Digital team for providing me easy way to improve my spoken and written English. Finally got selected in Genpect


Nandini – Graduate Digital Student Review
Joined online digital marketing training course, learnt everything from home without any worry and now I am freelancer Digital Marketer. Thanks to graduate digital for providing me training as well as for helping me to get my first freelancing work.

_Madhu Rao,

Madhu Graduate Digital Student Review
Graduate digital helped me to move my career from field sales job to Inside Sales. Good training program, covers everything - you don't need any marketing degree to get into sales. Just learn the sales in and out or join graduate digital inside sales program.

_G. Gaurav,

Gaurav Graduate Digital Student Review
Learning digital marketing from graduate digital was the best decision I took, Good sort term course to get job soon. I am Google certified digital marketer working as a digital marketing executive in digital marketing agency.


Chiranjeev Graduate Digital Student Review
Excellent practical online training got in graduate digital, All trainers are very supportive and expert in their area. They also share real life exposure to understand concepts. Digital marketing is a growing sector, being a female knowledge of Digital marketing will help me a lot to get placed.

_V. Renu,

Online Trainee
Graduate Digital came up with a peculiar program which made me develop from scrap. The post training assistance provided by the faculty members were excellent.

_Imad Uddin,

Classroom Trainee
Shahid-Maqbool Graduate Digital Student Review
Attended 3 days workshop, a complete practical oriented workshop conducted by excellent faculty members. Looking forward to build in a career in digital marketing THANKS TO GRADUATE DIGITAL.


Online Trainee
Had a wonderful experience of digital marketing, Amit sir taught very well. Learn and apply the best tools and techniques, which industry actually does.


Online Trainee
Now sales is no more big deal, learnt all about IT sales and tried. Good inside sales training program with practical session helped me alot to enhance my skill.


Online Trainee

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