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I am Serial Digital Entrepreneur apart from this I am a Trainer, Mentor, and Motivational Speaker, you can reach me: [email protected]

My Theory:

“In digitization – Time is not for working, it’s time to let your tools work for you and let’s enjoy the growth.”

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About Me 

This is Amit from Hyderabad, I am glad that you are on my page. I am a passionate digital marketer since 2011. I would like to give you a small introduction about me. I belong to a small village in Chhattisgarh state, I started my journey with blogging since 2011 by working part time. Then started learning about blogging and slowly it become my interest then started own blog CampusNikalo. Learnt internet marketing passionately and practically about blogging, SEO, SMM and able to take my blog into the good milestone. Earned five figure income through Adsense, Infolinks & Other affiliate programs.  In 2012 started working as a freelancer to grab some blogging, SEO, SMM projects.

After completion of my graduation started an own digital marketing company “Amison Group” and now in Hyderabad, my company is working with some E-commerce clients for PPC & Social Media Campaign. 


Cheers !!! Enjoy Digital Marketing