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How to Start Affiliate Marketing Guide & Earn $1000


Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn huge money in sort period of time. Here I am going to explain how to start affiliate marketing step by step to earn $1000. In this tutorial I am going to explain following things:

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Guide Topics:

  • Introduction to Affiliate marketing
  • Key Players into Affiliate marketing
  • How Affiliate marketing works
  • How blogger earn money from Affiliate marketing
  • Commission Model of Affiliate marketing
  • Why you do Affiliate marketing
  • How much you can earn from Affiliate marketing.
  • Factors affects Affiliate marketing earnings.
  • How to start affiliate marketing blog that generate $1000 earnings
  • How to choose affiliate marketing niche
  • How to find high paying affiliate programs
  • How to build affiliate website
  • How to create engaging content
  • How to Generate Traffic to website
  • How to build customer and sell products
  • How to promote affiliate offers
  • Final word on affiliate marketing guide

Affiliate Marketing Definition:

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling product or services by third party and for each sales from third party seller pays commission to affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing help sellers to reach more number of customer without any promotional cost. Because promotion is done by third party. You can also say commission based selling of product or services. Before moving towards how to start affiliate marketing guide, lets understand few things.

Key Players in Affiliate Marketing:

  • Advertiser – You can also understand this as a seller. Owner or advertiser of product or service.
  • Publisher – Who publish link to its own blog, also called as affiliate. Affiliate wants to earn money via providing traffic to the advertiser website.
  • Customer – Who want to buy or who might buy some product.
  • Network – This is optional, It might present or might not. Depends upon the affiliate strategy and how it integrates.

Affiliate marketing Core Players

How affiliate marketing works:

Advertiser (Seller) gives its product or services link or unique ID to third party like: Blogger, Online Marketing companies, Third party are called affiliates.  Now affiliate do promotional activity and encourage visitors to click on the link and then it redirect to advertiser website. When any visitor buys any product from advertiser then advertiser checks from where customer came and through id it verifies. Once the affiliate verified then commission amount deposited into affiliate account through payapl, direct transfer, etc. or some companies provides coupon codes. Some companies also pay based on number or impression gets from any particular affiliates. It’s very important before going into 2019-20 how to start affiliate marketing to understand how affiliate marketing works.

How bloggers are earning money from affiliate marketing:

Through affiliate marketing bloggers are earning huge money $$$$, only thing is you should know – “How to boost affiliate sales in blog”. Let’s understand this with the help of example:

If your blog is into travel, and you are writing about various trips like: Best place to visit in India, Place to visit in summer, 2 day trip to Dubai, etc. So who are your target visitor? All people who are willing to travel these places now or in future they will only read these kind of articles. Now how you can make money out of them:

  1. Find out the travel related affiliate programs on internet.
  2. Find the best deal that convert your reader into customer.
  3. Signup to become affiliate marketer.
  4. Get your id or customer url.
  5. Place the code or id in best place in your website, or place code in suggestion deals section.
  6. Start prompting that pages and you will earn money from affiliate marketing.

These looks very simple but for getting your first amount into your account is little bit difficult, it also depends upon you and your effort.

Commission Model of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Pay per performance – Advertiser gives money to an affiliate based on a percentage of the total order value from its traffic.
  • Pay per lead – Advertiser gives money to an affiliate for every lead or order referred from affiliate blog or website to its website.
  • Cost per impression – Advertiser gives money to an affiliate for every 1,000 impressions of he gets from affiliate blog or website.
  • Cost per Click – Advertiser pays affiliate each time a visitor/traffic clicks on their link or banner on the affiliates’ sites.

These all option you might not get in every affiliate marketing website, each affiliate marketing website has its own rule of payment for commission to its affiliate.

Why You Choose Affiliate Marketing:

In my how to start affiliate marketing step by step guide, I will give you a reason why you should choose affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is giving lots of money to many bloggers and digital marketers, now It’s one of the fastest growing commission based online sales platform. Apart from money these are the few reasons you should select affiliate marketing:

  • Cost effective: When you earn money then sometime you need to spend money too, but if you can generate targeted traffic to your website then you really don’t need to spend money on increasing affiliate marketing sales. It’s very cost effective only you need to be consistent and give your time on content writing.
  • Global Market Customer: Online marketing help you to connect with global market, there is no restriction. You can do mass marketing and acquire more number of customers to your affiliate sales.
  • No Fees: You don’t have to pay a single penny to participate into affiliate programs. You can select as per your ease and earn as much as you want.
  • No Supply Headache: You don’t need to take care of supply and delivery of products or services to final consumer. It gives you freedom from product storage, packing or merchandise, delivering, customer feedback, customer support and many more. All these thing is taken care by the advertiser or seller.
  • Good Passive Income Source: It gives you feeling of your own business, where you can generate as much as you want, don’t need to work for any company on fixed monthly salary. Your income depends upon your work, if you are a good marketer then you can generate a decent amount from affiliate marketing.
  • A Step towards Entrepreneurship: Affiliate marketing will help you to take a step forward towards becoming entrepreneur, It will help you to earn money when you left the job and focus on your business and in other side it will generate a decent amount for your monthly expenses.

How Much I can earn from Affiliate Marketing:

Well, it’s a quite difficult questions, however an average digital marketer is earning Five Figure income through affiliate marketing. It’s all depends upon your effort and strategy you are using to give maximum sales traffic to advertiser or seller website. I hope you are enjoying my how to start affiliate marketing guide, If you have any query on anything then comment below.

Your affiliate marketing earnings depends on following factors:

Niche: What niche you have selected and its matching with your affiliate products or not. If your niche is into travel and you are selling ebooks, then you will definitely not able to generate decent amount through affiliate marketing.

Keywords: If you are not focusing on money keywords or keywords that leads to more click on your affiliate link or banner ads then you’re earning will be less. Try to figure out keywords that people are looking to buy that products.

Traffic: Traffic is very important and especially organic traffic. If your website is not having traffic then there is no sales. High traffic is equal to high sales.

Placement of ads: If you are placing your affiliate ads on the place where people are not likely to click then there would be less sales. Generally adding affiliate links to top of post or inside the post or in sidebar will generate high money from affiliate marketing.

Content Writing Style: The way you write article is very important, if your blog is in travel and you are writing on “Best place to travel in Hyderabad” inside this you wrote about the places. Now if you also give them suggestions like “While travel trip in Hyderabad I stay at ABC Hotel and it was awesome and also look for these kind of similar hotels” and then put the affiliate code of hotels.

This will help your users to click on that and book, which will generate money for you. Always keep in mind, nowadays people are more likely to believe on other people review. And apart from these things there are lots of other factors which influence affiliate marketing sales. We will discuss in other article. If you wish to add anything into my affiliate marketing step by step guide then comment below.

Let’s Start With My Affiliate Marketing Guide:

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Blog that Generates $1000 Per Month:

Let’s understand how we can start affiliate marketing and earn decent money. Now I am going to give you hack to become hero with my affiliate marketing guide in 2020. To start your affiliate marketing business, follow these steps:

Choose Your Niche or Topics:

First you need to think on what topic or area you are comfortable in writing for long term. Yes for a successful affiliate marketing program long term and consistent content writing is must to keep engage reader into your blog. Choosing your niche for your blog is the step one of my how to start affiliate marketing guide for 2020.

My suggestion is choose a wider topic, which help you to cover lots of topics and write lengthy, engaging content. Content writing is an art so be careful while choosing the niche or topic for your blog.

For Example:

Traveling – In this nice you can write anything and everything about traveling.

India Traveling – Now it’s a limited blog, here you can only write about india travels, now you can’t sell affiliate products to global customer.

Now I hope you are clear how you can select the niche that helps you to target global customer and help you to generate huge money from affiliate marketing.

Research Various Affiliate Programs:

So many affiliate marketers keep this in second step but I am giving this as 1st preference. If you want to earn money then first you need to find the affiliate programs whose commissions are high. Like: Software’s, Hosting’s, Tools, and so many categories are available. I work on these categories. It’s a second step of affiliate marketing guide.

How to find affiliate program for any niche:

Use this simple step to find affiliate program on any niche to search on Google search.

  1. Niche + affiliate program + Country

Ex: food affiliate program India, books affiliate program usa

  1. Product/Service + affiliate program + Country

Ex: coffee affiliate program India, digital marketing book affiliate programs in England

  1. Niche + affiliate marketing program

Ex: Travel affiliate marketing program, Food affiliate marketing program

  1. Product/Service + affiliate program

Ex: coffee affiliate program, biryani affiliate marketing program

  1. While using these keyword look for Google suggestions

Ex: while writing above 4 after writing 3 or 4 words Google will give you suggestions in top and bottom, check it out those keywords.


You need to select any one from the above and replace the niche with your niche and remove + and replace country with the country affiliate program you want to select. For travel niche you can use “travel affiliate program”. If you are missing this part then you are missing very important aspect of my affiliate marketing step by step guide in 2020.

Now you will find lots of affiliate marketing websites, what you have to look into this affiliate program:

Affiliate Marketing Commission Model: Check on what basis they are paying like: cost per impression, per sales, leads and also check how much they are paying. Select that affiliate marketing program who provides based on impression and sales. So that you will not only get for sales but also for impression. Commission model selection is very important so please don’t miss in my affiliate marketing guide for beginners.

Offers & Discounts: check whether they are running offers and discount or not, because people are more likely to buy in offers and discounts.

Products/Service: Check the products or services, are you able to write content on those items or not. If yes then select otherwise look for another programs.

Will you buy that product: Don’t select product the product which you don’t feel to buy. Products with bad reviews or not looks positive appealing, don’t select these kind of products.

Minimum Pay-out: Check the minimum payout, Some affiliate programs pays only once you reach $100 or $500 or some instant. If you are beginner then select who gives you instant or payout condition is less so that you feel motivated. I have seen few affiliate marketers they won’t work because they don’t get payment. Its 100% true money keeps you motivate – Big Money Big Motivation. Affiliate marketing for beginners guide is very important to start and being a beginner minimum pay out matters a lot.

Payout Mode & Condition: While looking for affiliate marketing program also check whether they are paying through paypal, wire transfer, pioneer or giving coupons to you. How much time it will take to reflect the amount into your bank account.

Build Your Blog or Website:

Start building your website or blog for affiliate marketing, here you need to keep in mind that your blog or website should be clear, fast loading, user friendly with clear navigation, mobile optimized and gives you facility to add codes into any place in blog post, where you wish to add. Building website is the most important step of affiliate marketing because it can help you to display your commission products to your customer.

To build website first you need to select a domain name, choose hosting and start deploying the website or blog. If you don’t have any budget then start on Google Blogger you only need to spend for a domain. You can buy domain from go daddy in 99 Rs only.

Read below tutorial and create blog in blogger:

How To Create Blog With Blogger Free in 10 Min

Selection of Niche and Uploading theme into blogger

Edit Blogger Layout & Create Professional Blog

Produce Excellent Content:

Once your blog or website is ready, Its time to write content and start your affiliate products sale. Now write content in a way that it should push your audience to click on the affiliate links or buy that products.

Focus on writing the money keywords or problem solving keywords. Keywords like: Best hotel to book in Goa, Best restaurant for dinner in berlin, Get 50% off in booking of trip to Phuket. These keywords will attract those visitors who are willing to buy or to travel these places. Giving them offers and discount chances of booking ticket through you will be high.

If its a review website then compare with other similar products, writer advantages, disadvantages and give them information about the latest offers. Before sharing article on other platforms make sure you have enough content otherwise visitor will not come back, so at least write 20 articles before sharing on Social Media, emails, etc.

It’s very important to understand buyer’s persona for your affiliate products. Don’t think from customer prospective if you want to do sales through affiliate marketing. Focus on affiliate products, plan what type of content can lead reader to become customer.

How to Generate Traffic to Affiliate Marketing Website

Once your website and content is ready, now you can focus on generating traffic, more number of traffic will give you more number of money, Remember organic traffic is very important because you wrote articles which will generate money. So focus on traffic generation. Generating traffic is one of the very important part of my how to start affiliate marketing step by step guide.

How to generate traffic in affiliate blog or websites:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Facebook Group
  5. Content marketing
  6. Internal links
  7. Write attractive headlines


Read: Top 10 SEO Tips 2020 to generate high volume traffic.

You can also take full advantage of Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Google Adwords, Google AdWords Search campaigns to generate traffic.

Build an Audience:

To sell affiliate products you need to build audience database, because some of the products they give offers in occasion. So you need to have certain interested segment audience in order to send them special offers so that they buy. It’s a investment based marketing strategy, here you are investing your time and effort now and get benefit later. Building customer is an important part of how to start affiliate marketing.

How to build audience for affiliate marketing blog:

Create a Page – Create a page on social media platforms and connect with them.

Create Group – Create groups in Facebook, or other platforms and build own community.

Build Email List – Build a strong email list with the target customers.

Promote Affiliate Offers:

Now you have target customers start promotion of products, maintain your social media pages, and email subscribers by sending attractive offers and discount coupons or newsletters.

Use social media automation to schedule and maintain your social profile for one or two month. There are free tools available like: Buffer, Hootsuite, IFTT, etc.

For building strong connection with the customers you can use email marketing tools like: Mailchimp, Mailer lite, SendinBlue, they give 1000 to 2000 subscriber email marketing free. This helps you to keep track of your customer and engage them.

One of the best way to promote affiliate offers is to use email automation tool, where you can track who clicked on link. It helps to understand who is willing to buy product and then you can again send instantly or after some duration about offers are going to end after 2 days or 1 day remain to close the offer – Buy Now. Email automation is the best tool for selling affiliate offers to subscribers.

Final Word on Affiliate Marketing Guide:

If you follow all my above steps you will definitely get success into affiliate marketing and earn $1000 easily. My how to start affiliatett marketing guide 2020 will help you to fulfill your dream of earning money online. If you have any query then feel free to contact me by dropping your query below.

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